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"Do I need an Introduction?"

I think not! I am a world renowned Dominatrix, over the last 15 years I have featured in many FemDom videos for my own site, Cruella and others. As well as directing and starring in many videos I have over 15 years of experience conducting one to one sessions. I welcome all respectful, considerate well-presented slaves be they beginners looking for their first session or a seasoned veteran in the submissive world. As a Mistress and a Dominatrix I enjoy the thrill of domination, mind control, power exchange and female supremacy.

Dark Angel

"Get Down ... On your knees"

Many of you will have seen me in action in my videos, I do have a reputation for being cruel and unyielding. Away from the camera I can certainly be those things but I also enjoy softer more sensual teasing and denial, foot worship, clamps, chastity play and trampling. If you desire me to leave you welted and trembling in pain you only have to ask and I can do that, if you wish to worship the leather of my beautiful boots or be my ashtray, or take my strap on whilst bound and gagged, without too much pain we can agree on that also. Whilst I certainly enjoy a good workout with my whip or by kicking pathetic males in the balls, what I really enjoy is the respect, adoration and abject submission of those who take that initial step to come and see Me.

Dark Angel

"You can worship me in person"

Until recently my two favourite activities were without doubt whipping and trampling. I love the sound and enjoy seeing the welts develop from a good whipping, it is such a primal display of dominance. I also adore trampling slaves, there, beneath my feet many of you think this will be an easy option. Though I am petite I do wear very sharp heels and it will hurt! I am above you inflicting pain and humiliation, got to love that feeling! Recently though I am getting increased pleasure from turning balls purple and bruised and generally doing lots of CBT. I love the effect my Kalis Teeth device has on pathetic male cocks. Snap that beauty on and watch your knees buckle as I tease and torment you.

Dream Of Being Here

"your rightful position: naked and grovelling at my feet"

Obviously all we do whilst you are in My presence will be safe sane and consensual, however I will encourage you to push further and embrace and accept your subservience to me. I have led many a male from stammering gibbering wreck the first time they summon up the courage the set eyes upon my beauty, to being truly submissive slaves, submissive yes but confident, humble and accepting of their rightful position naked, grovelling at my feet, attentive to my needs and desires. Slaves with whom I have a long term relationship are happy and honoured to wear my collar, brand or chastity cage when not in my company.

Dark Angel

"Come and visit me, you will not regret it"

I am really looking forward to moving from Vixen's Den to the bright elegant environment at Angel's Lair, it will be the same Mistress Vixen you have watched or sessioned with but in a lighter airy environment, your welts will glow brighter and any remaining dirt on my boots will show more clearly – you have been warned!

Why not get in touch? 

A slaves honest account of a real life session with Mistress Vixen. (Twitter: @MistressVixen, @mart_SM)
How many people can say that they have literally seized the opportunity to live out a real life fantasy? The number would probably be a good margin lower than expected. Detrimental factors like Geography, Finance, Self-Doubt and Nerves can all rear their pesky head to raise a seemingly insurmountable boundary. 
Well... I for one can certainly testify that I have done just that! This piece will serve as an account of my experiences, why it's important to me and of course to highlight the mesmerising qualities that Mistress Vixen possesses in abundance. Despite this, the content remains a finite expression of conveying the expansive and seemingly limitless possibilities that exist in session with Mistress Vixen. However, that shall not stop me from trying to articulate my experiences to the best of my ability.
When I first got into or perhaps more accurately, became aware of the world of BDSM and all of it's many wonders it wasn't very long until I became aware of the talents and beauty that Mistress Vixen clearly possessed. I should correct myself, possesses. I am being completely sincere when I say that after our session that Mistress Vixen is not only back on the scene, but back with an atomic like explosion and she remains on the very top of her game. A seamless transitions to the lofty old days with no obstacle likely to stand in her way.
Fan From Afar
Over the years I was a long time fan, albeit from afar sadly. Predominantly because of my own reluctance to become actively involved with sessioning. Factors such as the long distances involved in travelling, the money (I was a student at the time) and basically my own ignorance. After all, the old cliché is true that knowledge is indeed power. These problems can quite easily occur when you lack said knowledge through personal experiences. Thankfully, I've had a lot more involvement and perhaps gained a smidge of wisdom in recent years. My experiences have been mainly good, for the record. Others served as lessons to be quickly learned from.
Like many of us I was really saddened that Mistress Vixen had went into retirement or hiatus as we should now thankfully refer to it! Many years passed and I sadly lost quite a lot of the clips I had stored on my old laptop when I was a member of her website.
Organising A Session
However, I had noticed through Twitter that Mistress Vixen was back sessioning and I quickly weighed up my options as to whether or not I would be likely to get a session or not... I didn't expect that I would have much luck to be perfectly honest as Mistress Vixen is a world renowned Mistress, clearly in high demand. What I can say is that if you're initial correspondence is deserving of a response from Mistress Vixen that she is brilliant at giving you concise information regarding your session and how to finalise and confirm your date.
What I will provide is my own opinion of how best to make your application have the best chance of getting a response. This is by no means a guarantee and most of it should be common sense. Despite this, I suspect that many would be slaves completely neglect to follow many of the following stipulations. 
Write in coherent English gentlemen, I mean who wants to hear crude comments like "I want u 2 do xxx TO ME!!". Well, to be quite frank... This is a complete and utter NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is not acceptable. Rather, express an interest in a session and provide a few options of when you would like to do so. Remember, keep your initial contact concise and to the point. No one wants to read an essay of your darkest desires when you haven't even booked a session. Who cares what you want at this point, really? You have to prove yourself trustworthy and suitable to session with before discussing session content. It's a hard fact to digest for many, but it's true.
If you are respectful, honest and are genuine with your application then there is no reason for you to be unsuccessful. Remember Mistress Vixen is a very busy woman and in high demand, that deserves proper respect.
So having went through the required phases and quickly proving that I was genuine with my interest. Mistress Vixen was very quick in providing me with any information I needed and even went as far as giving me some travel advice from other Slaves experiences. I opted to drive for the convenience factor in getting home as I had around 300 miles to travel for this session (each way!) Which translated as over 11 hours of travelling time, you can't say that isn't real commitment! 
With regards to setting up a session and ensuring that I was comfortable with the itinerary we had agreed upon. I found Mistress Vixen to be very accommodating and showed a genuine interest in my journey, which was really refreshing and certainly encouraging for me!
The journey itself was completely miserable, travelling down the M6 with strong winds, torrential rain and heavy fog. That however was somewhat dissipated when I regularly reminded myself that I was heading down to finally session with a Mistress at the very top of the tree. 
The Session - Mistress Vixen in Real Life
Fast forward to parking up for my session and my nerves had reached their optimal levels! Which to be fair is quite unlike me as I am generally a pretty confident person and a bit cheeky to be quite honest! 
After Mistress Vixen answered the door to greet me I could use many superlatives to describe her beauty which literally would make you stop dead in your tracks! It's a clichéd and overused expression, I'll freely admit this... But all of the clips and photos which themselves are fantastic, really don't do Mistress Vixen justice as she has an encapsulating personality to match her killer looks.
My nerves had almost instantaneously vanished and when talking to Mistress Vixen I felt like I was talking to a good friend that I hadn't seen for a while, that's the best way I can describe it. That's how charming and attractive her personality is. It's difficult to quantify but this ability to converse with someone she had never met displayed a strong set of social skills and perception. It really makes you feel valued and not just another meagre number. Which is the case with a few Mistresses I have encountered, sadly.
You might have noticed as I have over the years (through outlets such as forums) that Mistress Vixen is renowned for being quite harsh in her clips and sessions. Well I can say that if that's what you want then of course Mistress Vixen can deliver that with unrivalled expertise. But I would suggest that my own tolerance for pain isn't insubstantial. But sits more in the middle and I can be pushed higher by the right person.
Mistress Vixen has an exceptionally keen sense of how far you can or can't be pushed. I was provided with a safe word but at no point did I feel compelled to use it. This isn't because I wasn't tested (I was!) Rather, Mistress Vixen was capable of discovering my limits throughout various activities without the need to break them. A rare and impressive skill for sure.
Mistress Vixen does not require to relate to crude practises such as shouting to take control of a session. With her alluring eyes which contain an undoubted devilish glint, a few choicely soft words or a flash of that smile she will have you grovelling at her feet. Or doing whatever else she wants you to do for that matter!
The Session - Natural Dominance
Now for a little more regarding the actual content of the session. This is normally the part where a lot of accounts will come away with a generic statement like "this is too personal". But I don't see the harm in further highlighting the masterful control that Mistress Vixen has over a session and my enjoyment of this.
Mistress Vixen invited me to express my interests after I had confirmed my session (key note here guys!). Sincerely, Mistress Vixen not only fulfilled my every wish but completely surpassed them.
I informed Mistress Vixen of my main likes and as you can imagine from this article that there was some detail in that email. I did not want a cardboard cut out of my interests by any mean but I gave Mistress Vixen some scope which would enable her to sculpt the session in any way that she wanted to and to go off on a tangent if she so desired. You know, things I like, things I don't like, things I would like to try and so forth!
Now, as the whole fetish scene should be aware... Mistress Vixen is one of the very best smokers of all time and her clips are a true testament to this. Being used as her ashtray is a privilege that transcended my expectations. I had never been used as an Ashtray properly before. Yet, after finishing her first cigarette it transpired (legitimately, nothing was scripted here) that Mistress Vixen had left her ashtray in the next room...
Mistress Vixen then turned to around to face me, met my eyes and simply said "Full ashtray?". Again this is something that I have NEVER done prior to this session but without even a moments hesitation I replied "Yes Mistress Vixen" and ate my first cigarette. Not a complaint, a groan or trace of hesitation was exuded from me! This is an unbelievable example of Mistress Vixens innate capacity to draw out and expand my submissive side. It was effortless, her control was asserted without making any demands and no encouragement was necessary. I was genuinely spell bound and eager to impress my Mistress Vixen. Whether or not I did is a completely different matter!
A final attribute I would like to highlight is Mistress Vixen's empathy. After our session she took time out of her own schedule to sit down, have a little debrief of our session. Get my thoughts, even left an opening for constructive criticism (I didn't take it, I had none!) and offered me refreshments. It wasn't expected and by no means should it be. But it's another example of how Mistress Vixen conducts herself at all times as a consummate professional.
I could literally write pages and pages more regarding my unforgettable session with Mistress Vixen. But I shall draw the line at this particular moment as I think it is a prime example of the absolute master-class that Mistress Vixen can deliver, effortlessly.
My closing thoughts from our session is that Mistress Vixen is an outrageously beautiful woman who has an endearing personality that you cannot help but admire. She will fulfil your desires to the absolute fullest, so honestly if you have ever desired a session with Mistress Vixen. Do as I have done and see if you are worthy, as it's the best session I have had the privilege of being involved with and it's true what they say. 
You might just get what you wished for...
Slave Mart